Teacher & Staff Appreciation


There is a tradition at Smith of providing the wonderful faculty and staff who take care of our middle schoolers with a generous, delicious buffet breakfast the morning of every delayed opening. Delayed openings occur usually once a month, almost exclusively on Thursday mornings. Please consider signing up to contribute any item or two. If you love to cook or bake, here’s a great opportunity. If not, there are many store-bought items on the signup as well. Thanks for helping feed our Smith staff!

Due to snow make up days, the remaining delayed openings for the year have been cancelled.

No time to cook, bake, or shop? No problem! You can make a donation to the Teacher Appreciation Meals fund!

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week (May 6-10, 2019)

Thank you, Cyclone families, for your donations of delicious desserts, treats, and snacks this past week! The Smith staff ate well!

Your generosity towards the Teacher Appreciation Week Fund last month allowed each Smith staff member to receive a $65 cash award ! We were also able to reward part-time, valuable team members. All were extremely grateful for their gifts and felt very loved and appreciated by the Cyclone families. 

Thanks again for making the week so wonderful for the people who care for our children and make our team Cyclone-strong!